Visualization demo
Visualization demo

You need to have the JAVA runtime enviroment (JRE) installed to be able to see the visualization demo.

You need at least version 1.5 of the JRE, if you are unsure about whether you have a sufficient JRE then you can visit the link below to check if you have the latest version.


In addition to the basic JAVA runtime enviroment you will also need to have the JAVA 3D extension installed on your system.

If you have the JRE installed but cannot see a text saying ‘Seperate window opened!’ in a large blue font below then you will need to install the JAVA 3D extension.

You can download the extension by clicking the link below.

Get JAVA 3D extension

If you have both the JAVA runtime enviroment and the JAVA 3D extension then you should see the text saying ‘Seperate window opened!’ in a large blue font below. There should now be an application window open with the title ‘ImageOWL’ which you can use to visualize the data.