Image Owl Argus Conversion Service


How do I preserve my data contained in the  Argus system?

With the Argus system provided by Varian coming to its end of life many physicists are wondering how they can maintain access to the years of QA data stored in Argus databases. The Argus database system is not a standard relational database and is difficult to access without expensive and obscure software and a steep learning curve. Image Owl is pleased to offer this service to convert Argus database files to an SQLite database format. The SQLite  format is widely used , accessible with standard SQL queries with a wide selection of open source and free viewers and tools available.

How does the service work?

  • Once we receive your order we will provide you with an upload link for your Argus database files.
  • There will be between 1 and 16 (typically 2-4)  files of up to 256MB each. The extensions will be of the form *.dfn where n will be the sequential numbers (1,2,3,...) of the blocks in a database. All must be present for the conversion to be successful.
  • Once your files are uploaded we will check their validity and contact you if we see any problems.
  • You will receive a link within 24-48 hours to download the SQLite database generated from your original Argus files.

How much does the service cost?

The service is available for a one-time fee of $1,500 per database converted. Image Owl can accept institutional purchase orders or credit cards.

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