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Enhance the value of your Phantom Laboratory purchase with convenient Image Owl automated analyses.

Available Services Include


Catphan® QA

The Phantom Laboratory’s Catphan series of phantoms has become the worldwide standard for advanced measurement of CT performance. Catphan QA, developed in close cooperation between Image Owl’s imaging engineers and the Catphan designers, is the complete and accurate service for measuring your CBCT or conventional CT system performance.

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Magphan® RT

The Magphan RT series of phantoms from The Phantom Laboratory measure critical imaging performance characteristics for MR used for radiotherapy planning and guidance. Image Owl’s Magphan RT automated analysis is included with the purchase of the phantom and provides a comprehensive automated analysis for routine QC and research purposes.

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Tomophan® QA

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis is an important advance in early breast cancer screening. The Phantom Laboratory’s Tomophan phantom is the first dedicated DBT phantom for 3D characterization of the key imaging parameters of this unique modality. Image Owl’s Tomophan QA Service is the complete, accurate and convenient system for measuring all key image quality parameters measured by the Tomophan phantom.

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ADNI MR Distortion Analysis

The Phantom Laboratory’s ADNI MR distortion phantoms have been used for large scale neuroimaging studies since 2005. Image Owl’s MR Distortion Analysis Service, analyzes 2D and 3D MR spatial distortion the Magphan® MR Distortion Phantoms (ADNI). Image Owl software has been instrumental in analyzing MR distortion in thousands of neuroimaging image sets and has provided automated distortion reduction services in hundreds of additional cases.

With the growing impact of MR Imaging in radiotherapy planning and guidance the measurement of MR image distortion and quality has become an increasing concern for many involved in this expanding field.

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Analyzing your images could not be easier.
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The Plus Sides


Outstanding Service and Responsive Development

  • Our image processing services are monitored by imaging scientists, physicists and engineers.

  • Processing issues are evaluated and recommendations are communicated promptly back to users.

  • We can develop, test and deploy upgrades to the analysis within days with no installation or upgrade headaches for users.

  • If a user desires, we can in many cases retroactively apply improvements to previous image sets automatically.

Easy to Manage

  • No local installation required.

  • Analysis services are accessible through any web enabled device.

  • Updates are automatic and require no action from users.

  • Image sets are archived in Image Owl’s cloud services – no need to store and organize files locally.

  • Catphan QA employs Amazon’s Web Services with world-class security for your facility and HIPAA compliance – ensuring the integrity and durability of your data.

Sensible Pricing

  • A variety of pricing plans for each service are available.

  • Access to the service can range from a single analysis to an annual unlimited subscription to multi-year, multi-site longitudinal studies.

  • We will tailor a plan that best matches your analysis needs and budget.

  • Catphan QA’s cost-effective service model means no expensive capital purchase is required to get started.