Catphan QA


Automated CT and CBCT image quality analysis for all current Catphan® models.



Catphan QA measures all CT imaging performance parameters required by TG142 and presents them in a concise summary for your review.

TG142 Measurements reported include:

  • Geometric Distortion

  • HU Constancy

  • Spatial Resolution

  • Uniformity

  • Contrast

  • Noise

Catphan QA automatically processes complete image series or individual images of the 500, 503, 504, 604, 600, and 700 Catphan models. When information beyond a simple summary is required, Catphan QA provides an in-depth report on your CT system’s imaging characteristics.

Tests include:

  • Sensitometry

  • MTF from Beads and Wires

  • Critical Frequency

  • CT Linearity

  • Phantom Position , Rotation and Yaw

  • Effective Energy

  • Slice Width

  • Contrast Detectability

Catphan QA’s powerful trending capabilities enable you to meet the tracking requirements of ACR and other accreditation programs. Longitudinal and distribution plots can be easily filtered by time and DICOM tag values.



Image Owl’s close relationship with the Phantom Laboratory ensures that its developers have the most accurate and up to date information on all models of the Catphan system. Image Owl’s engineers and scientists have decades of experience on the cutting edge of CT imaging to bring you the highest level of accuracy. Every algorithm and measurement in Catphan QA has been extensively reviewed and validated to ensure that best in class practices are employed throughout the analysis process. The analysis algorithms are clearly explained in the supporting documentation so users can be confident that they understand the science behind the measurements.


Led by imaging and QA thought leaders including Dr. David Goodenough, Image Owl can provide deep insight into the algorithms behind its analyses.

Dr. Goodenough, a pioneer in the field of CT scanner performance measurements has guided seven generations of Catphan phantom development to make it the gold standard of CT performance phantoms in diagnostic and therapy imaging. Catphan QA continues that tradition by providing the highest level of analysis available for this industry leading phantom.