Our Mission

To lead the development of advanced quality assurance technologies that improve healthcare worldwide. 

H i s t o r y

Raforninn ehf, with its roots in medical imaging equipment service and testing, and The Phantom Laboratory, a manufacturer of medical imaging phantoms, realized that by working together they could offer the medical imaging community QA processing tools and support through an online service.

The concept became a reality in 2006 when The Phantom Laboratory saw the need to process the data obtained from the Magphan® Quantitative Imaging, or ADNI (Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative), phantom. The phantom and software was designed by world renowned MRI physicist Richard Mallozzi, Ph.D.. The ADNI phantom and processing algorithm was developed to evaluate the spatial characteristics of MR scanners. The system provides standardized tracking of the spatial fidelity of MRI systems based on the ADNI algorithm. Image Owl’s first priority was to provide a reliable, easy to use, cost-effective service.


Since numerous groups want to apply the methodology used in this study, there is a need for a system of standardized tracking of the spatial fidelity of MRI systems based on the ADNI algorithm. Image Owl’s first priority was to provide such a reliable, cost-effective service.

The next project was designed to provide Catphan® customers with detailed CT and CBCT performance testing and reports based on their phantom images. Image Owl developed the Catphan® QA service with physicist David Goodenough, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of CT scanner performance measurements, to ensure the scientific validity of the service and reported results. The service measures CT and CBCT scanner imaging performance using DICOM images of Catphan® phantoms, world renowned for their precision and integrity.



The most recent cloud QA solution was developed to provide radiation oncology physicists and therapists with a comprehensive,  easy to use Quality Assurance (QA) program based on national and international standards. Under the direction of Todd Pawlicki Ph.D. a thought leader and published authority on radiation therapy QA, Image Owl developed a state of the art QA solution for the therapy community leveraging their cloud and automation experience. The result is a comprehensive, template driven QA solution with an integrated database and data analysis software (SPC).