Four things we learned from you at AAPM in Anaheim

Thank-you to everyone who took the time to drop by the Image Owl booth at AAPM in Anaheim this week. We really appreciate your feedback. We learned some interesting things from you this week:

1.      The rise of MR planning and guidance in RT has certainly increased interest in MR image QA solutions and in particular MR distortion. We showed our automated MR distortion analysis service  for the Magphan® Quantitative Imaging Phantom  made by our partners at The Phantom Laboratory.

2.     Many of you are still analyzing your Catphan® phantom images manually. We got to show a lot of you how you can save time and increase analysis consistency with our convenient Catphan® QA service .

3.      We were very pleased at the response to our analysis service for the the Phantom Lab's Tomophan Digital Breast Tomosynthesis phantom. This is the first phantom to completely address the QA needs for this rapidly growing imaging modality. We heard from many of you that our solution meets an unmet need to do comprehensive QA in this field.

4.      With the number of RT sites seeking accreditation on the rise many of you are seeking ways to manage your QA information without compromising your ability to choose the QA hardware and software most appropriate to your facility. The interest in the QA Pilot product from our friends at Standard Imaging was very strong. This complete and convenient service allows you to customize your QA program to your needs using equipment you choose .

Learning from our customers is a key part of attending the AAPM meeting as an exhibitor.

Thank you from all of us at Image Owl.

The Image Owl Team