Image Owl Introduces Complimentary Catphan® Benchmarking Service

Image Owl is pleased to offer a complimentary benchmarking service for users of Catphan®  phantoms. This convenient service produces a complete image quality report from any of the currently manufactured Catphan®  models.

Whether you are commissioning new imaging equipment or improving your QA process on existing equipment this service provides accurate and insightful results that will get your program off on the right foot.

The service could not be simpler to initiate. Simply go to our registration page and register your Catphan® phantom. If you qualify for this offer you will receive credentials for the service and instructions for uploading your phantom images to the Catphan® QA service. There is no software to install and the process is completely automated. Your report will be ready to view shortly after uploading.

Image Owl’s engineers and scientists have decades of experience on the cutting edge of CT imaging to bring you the highest level of accuracy. Every algorithm and measurement in Catphan® QA has been extensively reviewed and validated to ensure that best in class practices are employed throughout the analysis process.  The analysis algorithms are clearly explained in the supporting documentation so users can be confident that they understand the science behind the measurements. 

We hope that you enjoy this service and that you consider making us a permanent part of your QA toolkit.

The Image Owl Team

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