Image Owl Releases HDR QA Module for Total QA

Image Owl announces the release of the HDR QA module for its Total QA service. The HDR module includes the ability to manage Ir-192 or CO-60 source exchanges and adds templates to perform daily and monthly HDR QA in conformance with NRC regulation 10CFR35 parts 35.633, 35.643, & 35.647.

The source exchange functionality includes the ability to:

  • Record source calibration activity and time and other characteristics.
  • Attach and store manufacturer's calibration documentation.
  • Track and display total current activity on site.
  • Record shipping dates
  • Display source strength
  • Display complete history of source exchanges for any HDR device.
  • Default units may be set as Curies or Gigabecquerels.

Total QA's convenient cloud based architecture means no software installation or maintenance and your data is accessible on any web enabled device.

The daily and monthly QA HDR templates can be used as is or customized with Total QA's unique test customization features to match your facility's workflow. The daily HDR QA includes a console check against the current sources calculated decay. The monthly QA includes a temperature corrected source strength check. Both daily and monthly QA templates include standard safety checklist items based on NRC regulations.

For more information and a personalized  demo of the HDR module and the Total QA service please contact Image Owl at or call 518 692-0226.

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