A Better Way to do Therapy QA at ESTRO 2016

We are getting very excited about exhibiting at the ESTRO 2016 meeting in Turin, Italy in booth 1700. We would love to be able to show you our latest solutions to support your radiation therapy QA efforts.

Total QA

Do you ever ask:

  • How can I get my radiation therapy QA systems to talk to each other?
  • Why does the maintenance and installation on local PCs take forever?
  • It is 2016, shouldn’t the analysis process be automated?
  • Where can I get a large enough file cabinet to house the binders and binders of QA data we collect?
  • How am I going to be able to analyze and track all the imaging, MLC and machine tests required by professional and regulatory requirements?

If so then our Total QA system will be of interest to you! Come see how  Total QA transforms your complex QA tasks into a complete and organized QA data management system. 

Catphan® QA

Do you spend an excessive amount of time manually analyzing your Catphan® CBCT images or struggle with software that still makes you find slices manually and fails on basic analysis tasks?

Catphan® QA is fully automated  and requires no installation or maintenance. Simply upload a CT series of any Catphan® model and receive a complete report of your CT system's performance on any web enabled device.

MR Distortion Analysis Service

Are you thinking about adding MR planning capabilities to your facility or investing in one of the emerging MR guided radiotherapy systems? If so, then MR image distortion becomes a critical concern for accurate treatment delivery.

Image Owl's MR Distortion Analysis service has a 10 year track record in the distortion analysis and reduction of 2D and 3D MR image acquisitions. During that period , Image Owl software has been instrumental in analyzing MR distortion in thousands of image sets using The Phantom Laboratory's Magphan® Quantitative Imaging Phantom.

Come see how you can achieve true 3D analysis of your MR scanner's distortion performance.








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