Image Owl Releases New Analyses for Total QA®

Image Owl announced today that it has released  a number of  new analyses to enhance  its  suite of convenient , automated radiotherapy QA image analyses for the Total QA service.

The Total QA service pulls the complex clutter of radiotherapy QA into one complete system that allows you to effectively manage your QA workflow and analysis. From daily checks to annual inspections.


New analyses include:

MLC Leaf Transmission and Dosimetric Leaf Gap:  The MLC transmission and dosimetric leaf tests use the standard Varian transmission and leaf gap plan. The static leaf transmissions are calculated from comparisons between open and closed fields in both the A and B leaf banks. For the dosimetric leaf gap calculation a series of increasing leaf gaps is swept across a 10x10 cm field. The EPID readings for each gap are then corrected and regressed to calculate the leaf gap.

Starshot Analysis: Total QA contains routines for measuring gantry, collimator and table starshot images to quantify the accuracy of rotation for each of these critical subsystems. For gantry starshots simply upload TIFF image scans of the starshot exposure. For collimator and table starshots EPID DICOM images for each beam are composited to create the starshot image.

Asymmetric Field Measurements: The asymmetric field measurement routine measures the accuracy of field delivery using two asymmetric fields using the Standard Imaging FC-2 phantom.

These new routines complement Total QA's  extensive existing image processing capabilities. To see a complete overview of Total QA's analysis routines please register  for our upcoming webinar: Total QA: Convenient Analysis Solutions for your Machine QA  ( 2:30 PM EST, June 2nd, 2016)