Easy MATLAB Access to the Total QA® API through TQA Connector


Image Owl's Total QA® provides an extensive array of tools to customize your radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging QA interface to produce the system you need. The Total QA® API provides the ultimate in flexibility for customization and extension. That powerful tool has been made even easier to use with the TQA Connector package.

The Total QA Application Programmer Interface (API) provides a REST type architecture providing a simple, scalable interface to the core functionality of the Total QA platform. It allows:

  • Remote access to data in the Total QA database for custom analyses.

  • Ability to push data remotely into the Total QA database

  • Ability to control many aspects of account management

The REST architecture can be used by nearly any modern programming language that has capabilities or add-on libraries to make HTTP calls. Several basic examples of connecting with service through the API using a variety of languages can be found here.

To further simplify the connection for MATLAB users we created the TQA Connector wrapper package.The wrapper simplifies calls using MATLAB to the Total QA API and helps with some HTTP calling tasks that can be challenging even for experienced MATLAB experts. In the interests of fostering innovation, we are happy to provide the source code and invite interested parties to build upon this work.

The TQA Connector project can be found on GitHub here. For extensive usage examples please see the complete TQA Connector tutorial.

The Image Owl Team looks forward to seeing what new extensions and uses for Total QA that our users will dream up. If you would like to see for yourself how Total QA can transform your QA system into a coherent whole just request a demo and trial below.

Matt Whitaker