Inaugural Image Owl Users' Group Meeting

Image Owl held its very first users' group meeting at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center on August 1st, 2018. We were delighted to see users from all over the US and even some international attendees from Sweden!

Some of the attendees at the First Annual Image Owl Users' Meeting at the  Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center .

Some of the attendees at the First Annual Image Owl Users' Meeting at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.


In addition to being an excellent opportunity for users to meet each other and Image Owl staff, we had three wonderful speakers presenting on a variety of Total QA® related topics.

Dr. Yang Park, UT Southwestern, spoke about UTSW's search for a machine QA  management system. He described their selection criteria and how they came to choose Total QA from a large number of products they reviewed. He then outlined how they implemented the Total QA system at UT Southwestern's large radiation oncology center in Dallas, TX.

Experience with Total QA for TG-142 implementation at UT Southwestern Medical Center ( Yang_Park)

Dr. Grace Kim, UC San Diego, presented that facility's experience with implementing an automated data gathering system from the Halcyon Linac installed in the fall of 2017. Using an automated watcher on the Varian I-drive, UC San Diego retrieves and processes Machine Performance Check (MPC) result files and XIM images and then transfers the data to a Total QA schedule using Total QA's API. Dr. Kim later described how this system is a step towards achieving fully automated process control for their Halcyon machine QA program.

Automated Daily QA on Varian Halcyon MPC using the Total QA AP (Grace Kim)

Finally, Dr. Todd Pawlicki, UC San Diego, made a presentation that challenges the medical physics community to rethink how it approaches QA. Dr. Pawlicki argues for a QA approach that replaces arbitrary periodic testing with automated continuous monitoring and analysis with useful notifications of process signals to support clinical physics decision making. 

One Future for QA (ToddPawlicki)

We had some vigorous discussion on the talks, on short and long-term directions for Total QA development and ideas for collaboration between users to share thoughts and ideas.

It was fantastic to see all of the participants. Your enthusiasm for the product energized the Image Owl team and was a great finish to a hectic week at AAPM.

A big thanks to Dr. Michael Price and his team at VUMC for hosting us . Weare already looking forward to the next meeting and seeing what our amazing users do with their Total QA.

Thank you,
The Image Owl Team

Matt Whitaker