Total QA® Weekly Release Blog: Release 19.5.29

This week’s release was pushed back a day for the US Memorial Day Holiday..

Highlights for this week:

Individual Test Comments for Finalized Reports

Total QA has had the capability to add comments to individual tests during the creation of the report along with the capacity to add overall comments to reports when finalizing or signing reports.

However, a number of users expressed a desire to be able to add comments to individual tests as they were reviewing the report. In particular, they wanted to be able to add comments to the automated image processing tests.

We’ve added the ability to add individual comments on finalized, unsigned reports. Once the report is signed individual test comments are frozen along with the rest of the reports (although overall comments can always be added with the digital signing function).

For more details see our help pages here.

Multiple Vendor Email Recipients for Machine Log

The Total QA Machine Log provides an integrated system to record and track machine issues with automated communication with equipment vendors built in.

Some of our users reported that their service vendors wanted emails to multiple addresses sent on new alerts. We added that capability. In the machine log vendor configuration simply put the emails in the vendor email separated by commas. All the addresses with receive alert emails.

Add Energy and Filename Metadata to PRM file imports

We added energy and filename metadata to data imported from Sun Nuclear PRM/PRS formatted files to make it clearer what the provenance of the data is and the associated energy.

Total QA is Image Owl’s cloud-based platform for managing complete QA systems for multiple RT, Diagnostic and biomedical engineering equipment types, QA schedules and protocols, and physical sites. Highly customizable and extendable, Total QA provides a comprehensive, powerful QA system adapted to your unique combination of equipment and procedures.

The Image Owl development team typically releases new system updates each week overnight between Wednesday and Thursday.

Matt Whitaker