MPC Import is here! Total QA® Weekly Release Blog: Release 19.6.5

MPC Import

This is an exciting week for us as we release the much-requested MPC (Machine Performance Check)  import for Varian Truebeam and Halcyon machines!

The import supports the 2.5, 2.7 and Halcyon variants of the MPC results files.

The import uses our familiar Total QA Equipment Hub for the import. You will have to upgrade your equipment hub version to to use MPC imports Configuration simply involves pointing the equipment hub at the folder where the MPC system creates the individual results folders. The Linac serial number and energy selection to retrieve are configured in the QA settings of your schedule.

You can then pull the MPC records into your scheduled report for any date you have data for in your directory in a similar manner to the daily QA devices.

For more details see the MPC help article in our help pages

Let us know how you intend to use MPC imports as part of the regular QA at your facility.

Total QA MPC Import

Total QA MPC Import

Catphan® 604 Improvements

We released some improvements to the sensitometry and MTF measurements for the Catphan 604 that will help on the CBCT Pelvis/Body scans with a wide FOV.

IC Profiler PDF Import Improvements

One of our customers brought a variation in the formatting of PDF’s from the Sun Nuclear IC Profiler to our attention last week and we have tweaked the file parsing to handle it for this week’s release.

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The Image Owl development team typically releases new system updates each week overnight between Wednesday and Thursday.

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