Total QA® Weekly Release Blog: Release 19.6.19

More Improvements to Machine Log

This week we completed a series of stories based on feedback from our friends at UC San Diego on the Total QA Machine Log. These include:

  • Improvements to the issue list display when the issue descriptions include rich text formatting and HTML tags.

  • Remove inactive equipment from available room equipment.

  • Better display of the custom categories in the issue list and issue summary. You can also filter the issue list by custom categories.

The machine log custom categories are a great way to be able to add meaningful tags to your incidents that you can later use for follow up and analysis.

By the way, Dr. Ryan Manger, UC San Diego will be one of our guest speakers at the Image Owl User’s Meeting  on UCSD’s experience implementing the machine log.

We recently imported a UCSD’s complete machine log data history into the Total Machine Log. Their experience with an automated, web-base machine log resulted in a really fascinating JACMP paper on how they improved operations using the Machine Log tool.

MPC Import Improvements

We having been rolling out our MPC import to customers. We have made a couple of quick improvements based on our experience so far.

  • A small change to the Total QA equipment hub to improve search times on some of the larger MPC archives we have seen. The latest hub version is now

  • Added the HD MLC pattern to recognized MPC MLC patterns. It appears MPC does not analyze leaves 1 and 60 on the HD units.

Total QA® is Image Owl’s cloud-based platform for managing complete QA systems for multiple RT, Diagnostic and biomedical engineering equipment types, QA schedules and protocols, and physical sites. Highly customizable and extendable, Total QA provides a comprehensive, powerful QA system adapted to your unique combination of equipment and procedures.
The Image Owl development team typically releases new system updates each week overnight between Wednesday and Thursday.

Matt Whitaker