Image Owl Team

The Image Owl team is one with diverse backgrounds from all sides of the medical imaging, radiation oncology, and cloud-database technology fields. The team is joined together by a common belief in the value of high level quality assurance and a desire to move the medical imaging and radiation oncology QA fields forward.


   Management Team

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   Scientific Advisors  

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Management Team




Geoffrey Dalbow, President and Chief Executive Officer

Geoffrey is a proven executive and healthcare technology innovator with extensive experience in the commercialization and development of imaging and QA solutions. Through the application and optimization of emerging technologies, he has delivered solutions that improved health care quality, safety, and efficiencies, while reducing the cost of care.

Geoffrey comes to the Owl Services from CMS, Roper Industries where he was recently employed as the CTO and Director of Business Development. Prior to Roper, Geoffrey was the Director of Research and Development for Philips Medical Systems, CTO for R2 Technologies where he directed the research and development of medical solutions for computer aided detection and diagnosis of cancer, and held several leadership positions with Varian Medical Systems.

Geoffrey’s wealth of imaging and product development expertise provides the leadership needed to build the company’s innovative development and growth platform.

Richard Mallozzi, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer




Richard is a physicist with extensive experience in MRI systems, applications, physics, and engineering. Richard earned an A.B. in Physics from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Physics from University of California at Berkeley in 1998, where he studied high-temperature superconductivity. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, Richard joined GE Global Research as a Magnetic Resonance Scientist, where he worked on diverse projects ranging from MRI acoustic noise reduction, interventional MRI, gradient and RF coil development, and applications of MRI to neuroimaging.

While at GE Global Research, Richard collaborated with the Phantom Laboratory and GE scientist Daniel Blezek to develop the phantom and analysis technique that formed the basis of the  control method. Richard joined ONI Medical Systems in 2007, where he helped develop the first high-field (1.5 Tesla) commercial extremity MRI system.

Richard joined Phantom Laboratory and Image Owl in 2014, where he works on a variety of physics and application issues pertinent to medical imaging.






Hildur Ólafsdóttir, Ph.D, Vice President

Hildur received her MSc.Eng degree in Applied Mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark in 2004 and  her PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the same university with the specialization Medical Image Analysis in April 2008. Her thesis work involved developing algorithms for Craniofacial CT Image registration and statistical analysis of deformation fields.

After graduating, Hildur did two years of postdoctoral research working on automatic analysis of cardiac MRI. Further, Hildur has worked as a consultant, developing software for automated analysis of CT images, for the Danish Meat Research Institute (now Danish Technological Institute) and the 3D Craniofacial Research Lab.

Hildur joined Image Owl in March 2011.  Her  responsibilities included managing the agile scrum software development processes within the company as well as managing the image processing team. Her technical responsibilities include developing algorithms for automatic recognition, segmentation and processing of phantom images in addition to data analysis and statistics. Hildur currently serves as CEO of Raforninn.




Joshua Levy, Chief Operating Officer

Josh has extensive experience with phantom design and manufacturing.  After working in the medical imaging phantom field for over ten years he started The Phantom Laboratory, Incorporated in 1989. Along with management of the company, Josh has worked with renowned scientists and physicists in the development of numerous phantoms used in the medical imaging and radiation field.  Along with several patented designs developed for The Phantom Laboratory, he has also developed a host of custom phantoms used by scientists and engineers in research and development areas. Josh also has developed a number of OEM phantoms, manufactured by The Phantom Laboratory, for multiple medical equipment manufactures.

Josh, along with his partners, seeing the value and need of cloud-based quality and image processing services, founded Image Owl in 2006.

Advisory Board









David Goodenough, Ph.D., CT Physicist

First Studying Radiation Therapy Physics (Radiological Physics) with two of the grandfathers of Medical Physics, Professors Lester Skaggs and Larry Lanzel, David went on to work in the emerging fields of Radiological Image Analysis working under his Ph.D. Thesis Advisor, Kurt Rossman and Lee Lusted, MD leading to his thesis on the use of ROC Analysis for medical imaging. He was awarded his Doctorate in Medical Physics from University of Chicago 1972, where he then served on the faculty of the Radiology Department working with Kunio Doi, Charles Metz, and other distinguished faculty in the Center for Radiological Image Analysis.

He subsequently moved on the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University Department of Radiology working in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine with Henry Wagner and other colleagues.  He was recruited to the George Washington University in 1975 to become the Director of the Division of Radiation Physics. He served as a tenured Professor of Radiology at the GWU, and became Co-Director of the Institute for Medical Imaging and Image Analysis before being awarded Emeritus rank in 2010.  While at George Washington University Medical School, David pioneered many methods in the field of CT Image Quality measurement with his work on one of the original EMI CT scanners. In the end of the 1970′s he developed the first Catphan® phantom and has been the scientific driver for the six generations of phantoms that have followed. In 1984 David took a sabbatical year in Europe to study MR imaging resulting in additional test phantom development in the field of MRI.  David also developed the first comprehensive automated CT QA measurement software for CT and MRI, and  worked as a consultant to The Phantom Laboratory in the fields of Medical Imaging including CT, MRI, PET, SPECT.

Along with a wide array of papers, presentations and courses, David has been involved with extensive medical imaging       testing providing him with a truly practical knowledge complementing his scientific knowledge.





Smári Kristinsson, Web Application Advisor

Smári has comprehensive experience in managing medical imaging engineering services. He created Raförninn in 1984 with a portfolio of service offerings including consulting for deployment of new medical technologies and comprehensive service agreements focused on long term customer relationships.

Smari has enjoyed the privilege of working with well known scientists in various fields of medicine, physics, and engineering. The Raförninn customer and collaboration list includes The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, UC Davis MIND Institute, The Icelandic Heart Association, The Icelandic Cancer Society, The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), The IRIS, and The Phantom laboratory.

Smári has also participated in international development projects. Starting in the year 2000, with a focus on reaching out to the end user of engineering services, Smári lead the design and deployment of web-based solutions to collect and manage service and QA data. This laid the foundation for some of today’s cloud-based Owl services.

Web Application Development

Bjarki Guðlaugsson, Computer Scientist

Bjarki holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science  from Reykjavik University on a full scholarship with a focus on distributed systems. He has taught and been a  B.Sc. examiner at Reykjavik university for computer security, web application development and programming principles.

Bjarki has extensive experience as a senior/lead developer for  the oil, energy management, media, banking and insurance industries in advanced full-stack web applications,database, software quality assurance and  UI design and development. He has extensive experience in areas such as massive and non-relational databases and distributed messaging.

Sigurbjörn Jónsson, Software Engineer

Sigurbjörn holds a B.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Iceland. After graduation he began working with Raforninn as a software engineer on projects that include web-based quality assurance systems. Sigurbjörn is a farmer’s son whose  interest in software development started in high school. His  experience with a number of  programming languages and development projects has given him a wide range of skills that he is now eager to apply to the medical industry.



Ariel Epstein Dickson, Director of Operations

Ariel holds Bachelor degrees in Biology and Music and completed a Master of Music degree. She began working for The Phantom Laboratory on the phantom production side in 2005. Ariel started ISO quality system and regulation training in 2006 and in April 2007, became the Quality Systems Manager for The Phantom Laboratory.

While maintaining her duties at The Phantom Laboratory, Ariel joined Image Owl in 2007 managing customer services and developing the quality system. She has continued to educate herself on the ever changing medical device regulations and the dynamic field of medical imaging.

Applications and Physics Support

Austin Healy, Physicist Technical Support

Austin holds an MS in Physics and after graduation, he worked in Astrophysics and taught undergraduate courses at Manhattanville College.   In 2003 he began work with The Phantom Laboratory developing new software and improving the IT infrastructure.  As he gained knowledge of Medical Physics he expanded his duties to include materials research, product development, and customer support.

While maintaining his duties at The Phantom Laboratory, Austin joined Image Owl at its creation in 2006. He works on product development and provides technical customer support for all Image Owl services.







Matt Whitaker, B.Sc.(I.E.), MBA , Marketing Director

Matt holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Manitoba and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Matt has been involved in engineering, management and QA for a wide variety  of industries. For the last 17 years Matt has been involved in product development for radiotherapy QA software and has a passion for introducing modern industrial QA techniques into the field.

He has co-authored several peer-reviewed papers on radiotherapy QA topics and holds a number of patents in image processing and QA measurement and evaluation techniques.