Image Owl is uniquely positioned in the medical quality assurance field with thought leaders from radiology, radiation oncology, and cloud engineering. 

C l o u d   C o m p u t i n g

Image Owl provides advanced image quality monitoring and analysis employing a system of centralized data processing and storage.  Our web-based solutions offer data handling utilities, statistical analysis functions, and image quality assessment and monitoring tools.

The system is ideal for both single and multi-site facilities where centralized access and management of QA data is important.  The operators of each imaging system can upload data on a regular basis.  The Image Owl system will inform them if any results are out of tolerance.  The quality managers can review the measurement data to ensure that all of their systems are performing within acceptable limits.

D a t a   H a n d l i n g

All incoming data is stored in a database on our host servers. Traditional QC charts are available for all measured variables. Descriptive statistics are only a few mouse clicks away. Newer data can be compared to older data to evaluate historical trends. Customers also have the option of downloading their own data.

S c a l a b l e   C a p a c i t y

Image Owl’s  hardware and software  architecture is built to scale to customer demand, from few systems with a small number of variables to a large number of systems with any number of variables.

W i k i

Connected to each of our services are extensive Wiki help pages. These pages include instructions for use, information on the reports generated, and in depth scientific background on the calculations performed. Within the pages we also maintain links to both internal position and scientific papers written by our team, along with references from the scientific community. Using the Wiki platform, we are able to update the information to keep up with the rapidly evolving medical imaging and radiation therapy fields and provide our customers with an invaluable resource.