The Tomophan® QA Service, developed by Image Owl in close cooperation with the Tomophan® Phan­tom designers, is the complete and accurate system for measuring all key image quality parameters of digital breast tomosynthesis imagers.

The service is fully automated, and requires no installa­tion or maintenance. Simply upload a scan of the Tomophan® Phan­tom and receive a complete report of your DBT system’s imaging characteristics.


Image Owl’s engineers and scientists have decades of experience on the cutting edge of imaging science to bring you the highest level of accuracy. The Tomophan® QA analysis service has been tested with extensive image sets from all major DBT imager manufacturers to ensure that the widest  range of image sets will be supported.

Image Owl’s close relationship with The Phantom Laboratory drives innovation in both hardware and imaging analysis and ensures that all details of the phantom design and specifications are well understood.


The test objects that make up the current Tomosynthesis Phantom embody more than three decades of scientific evaluation and field experience in medical imaging phantom development. 

Led by imaging and QA thought leaders, including Dr. David Goodenough and Dr. Richard Mallozzi, Image Owl can provide deep insight into its analyses.







Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is a very different imaging modality from conventional mammography and CT. The Tomophan® phantom has been designed to provide a complete characterization of this unique imaging system through objective measurements of key performance criteria.

The phantom measurements cover slice width and increment,  Z-axis scaling and uniformity, in-slice signal drop, MTF in both X and Y directions, CNR, SNR, NPS, regional in-plane uniformity, lost chest tissue measurement, pixel size verification, and low contrast.


Tomophan® QA’s cloud based architecture requires no installation and software updates are completely automated. Your data is visible at all times on any web enabled device.

Analyzing your Tomophan® DBT images could not be easier. Simply drag and drop your DBT series into the upload page and the Tomophan® QA system uploads the images, automatically categorizes and analyzes them, stores the results, and prepares a complete report.

Tomophan® QA employs Amazon’s Web Services with world-class security or your facility and HIPAA compliance to ensure the integrity and durability of your data.  Catphan® QA’s cost-effective service model means no expensive capital purchase is required to get started.