If you purchased a subscription to the Tomophan® QA service with your Tomophan® phantom please fill out the registration form to the right. The phantom serial number and order number are provided in a letter accompanying your Tomophan phantom.

If you have not yet purchased a subscription to Tomophan® QA, Image Owl is pleased to offer a limited trial of the service. Simply register your phantom in the form and we will get you started.

Your Tomophan®  phantom provides tools for complete characterization of your DBT imaging system. The Tomophan® QA service provides a complete automated 3D measurement for critical DBT imaging parameters. The service uses a convenient cloud-based upload service requiring no software installation on your part and provides you with a comprehensive report in minutes.

Backed by world-class imaging  scientists and engineers, the service provides firm foundation for your DBT QA program. 

Register your Tomophan®  Phantom

Catphan®  Serial Number Location
  1. Note the serial number of your phantom .
  2. Fill out and submit the Tomophan® registration form to the right. You will receive a username and temporary password for the Tomophan® QA service and detailed instructions for acquiring and uploading image sets within 1 working day.
    If you did not include your Tomophan serial number we will request it from you prior to sending account information.

Acquiring and Uploading Your Image Set

  1.  Follow the instructions included with your account credentials to acquire a set of DBT DICOM images.
  2. Go to the Tomophan Login Page , log in with your credentials and click on Upload.
  3. Select the files in the image series and drag them to the upload panel in the browser. There is no need to select individual slices or other preprocessing steps.

Viewing your Tomophan Image Analysis

  1. Once your images are uploaded and analyzed log in with your Tomophan® QA account and click on the reports tab. Here you can view and export your analyzed image set.
  2. Click on the help icon for more information on how to group and trend data.

Ordering the Tomophan QA Service

 If you would like to make Tomophan® QA a permanent part of your QA tools we have annual or individual analysis packages available. Please contact us at info@imageowl.com or  call +1 518 692-0226 for further details.

See Tomophan® QA for more information on the service.