Total QA: Complex to Complete


Total QA Drives Efficiency and Consistency


A single point of access for all my QA data, protocols, templates and operations? Really?

Yes, really! Talk about efficiency and consistency!

Total QA gives you a single and efficient dashboard view of all your QA tasks. Everything is here at your fingertips, your daily’s, your monthly’s and your annuals. From your home facility to your satellite facilities. View everything, from anywhere, at any time.

Speaking of efficiency
With Total QA you create a custom view to match each user’s role and responsibilities. What does this mean for you? It means that you can give or limit access to individual staff. For example, you being the Lead Physicist will have access to all data at all sites. Your technologists will have access to the tests that they are responsible for, and no more. Easy and efficient, clean and consistent.


Low Hassle.
Big Return.

How could you go wrong?


The Pain.

  • Your current QA systems and equipment are from different vendors and don’t communicate.

  • You manage multiple facilities, many people and protocols, all doing different things.

  • Standardization would be a tremendous benefit but it’s not going to happen in this environment.

  • Your important QA data is being stored in spreadsheets, logbooks, and binders across those different facilities.

  • Retrieving and using this data is like pulling teeth.

The Gain.

  • Total QA provides you with a high-availability, cloud-based QA management system

  • Customized Total QA to your specific needs.

  • Start using Total QA with a minimal up-front investment.

  • Our subscription model allows you to keep your valuable capital intact by shifting costs to the operational budget.

  • Our sensible, all-inclusive pricing provides unlimited users and unlimited storage.

  • Don’t pay for hardware upgrades. Don’t pay for software upgrades. And definitely don’t pay for service contracts, ever!


QA Totally Your Way


Daily QA

Simply connect your existing Daily QA device for automated data collection. With a single click, your data is entered into Total QA with no effort. Your therapists will love you again.  Pre-configured TG-142 templates can be easily customized for your exact needs.

Monthly QA

Connect your existing Monthly QA system, and take advantage of Total QA’s efficient TG-142 templates for easy Monthly (and Annual) QA. Automated Image Analysis for IGRT, MLC QA and VMAT QA is included. Simply drag and drop your images into Total QA and your image analysis starts immediately. Results are then delivered directly into your monthly report. All your monthly data is displayed is a single, comprehensive report, including all of your imaging data.

Annual QA

Customize and execute your Annual QA protocols with efficiency and convenience, Your data is automatically saved, and you can keep a machine’s Annual QA template “In Progress” over a period of time. Just mark it “Final” when done. Let’s go home.


Total QA Analytics


Give your team unlimited access to complete data and meaningful results.

With Total QA, all the information you need is within easy reach. Explore your data, correlate your test results, within each site, or across all your sites. Be proactive with powerful machine management trending tools. 

Now, with the addition of Total QA’s Machine Log, you can easily record and document machine uptime and downtime. Machine Log gives you the ability to:

  • View machine incidents

  • Automatically notify your Vendor or Service Provider of a hard-down situation

  • Correlate this data longitudinally with other factors

  • Take your first step into the world of Predictive Analysis 

Machine Log allows for preventative maintenance and other corrective actions to help prevent downtime. Increase confidence and streamline compliance with your reporting and accreditation requirements. Machine Log was modeled after a successful program at the University of California at San Diego. Read the report: Improving linear accelerator service response with a real‐time electronic event reporting system (Jeremy D. P. Hoisak et al, September 2014,JACMP


Real Results with Machine Log



Decrease in time to service response (45 to 8 minutes)


Decrease in treatment cancellations or reschedules


Total decrease in weekly downtime


It’s Your Data


Slice it and dice it the way you see fit.

Export all your test results to CSV or PDF files anytime. Filter longitudinal data and export for custom analysis.

For the ultimate in flexibility, the Total QA Application Programmer Interface (API) provides a secure REST type architecture providing a simple, scalable interface to all of Total QA’s functionality.

The API:

  • Allows you remote access to your data in Total QA’s database for custom analyses.

  • Provides you the ability to push data and images to Total QA’s database and image processing engine.

  • Allows the creation of complete custom applications built on Total QA’s core capabilities.


Responsive to Your Needs

We are a community, after all.

As a person of science, you no doubt have ideas that you know would help other people of science, drive efficiency and consistency with QA workflows, templates, or just plain ol’ suggestions on how we can improve Total QA. Or just get you out of the clinic faster. We want to know! 

One of the foundations that make Total QA very successful is our responsiveness to customer needs. With very short cycle development times, Image Owl can implement useful suggestions very quickly. No more waiting years for your suggestions to become a reality.

Let us share some recent examples of useful suggestions brought into Total QA to get your creative and scientific juices flowing. Here you go:

  • Machine Log

  • Accreditation reporting

  • Incident Learning System

  • Single-click pizza ordering button (just kidding)


Current Automated Analytics

Image-based tests included in Total QA

All image-based tests for TG-142 imaging and mechanical QA, plus VMAT QA, are included in Total QA. Simply deliver the test beam and Total QA does the rest. Accept or reject results on your terms and timeframe.

Imaging Tests:

  • Image Quality

  • CBCT

  • kV

  • MV

MLC/Mechanical Tests:

  • MLC

  • Winston-Lutz Isocenter

  • Starshot

  • Light/Radiation Field Coincidence

  • Beam Measurements

  • Varian MPC Import

VMAT Tests:

  • Dose Rate versus Gantry Speed

  • Leaf Speed


Multi-vendor Device Connectivity 

Acquire data automatically from the equipment you already own and eliminate the need for additional software and the manual transfer of data. Integrate all your data sources  and complete your TG-142 requirements in Total QA.

Automated Image and Data File Analysis

Total QA automatically processes and analyzes acquired images from EPIDs, kV, MV and MR imagers. Additionally, files from data sources such as Varian MPC, Sun Nuclear Profiler files, and more can be imported and analyzed. Results are presented clearly, and immediately. Plus, the phantoms you most commonly use are seamlessly supported.