A CMMS system for Healthcare. 

Total QA is the first CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) designed specifically for the Healthcare systems management. Our solution provides a comprehensive schedule driven maintenance, regulatory compliance and quality assurance program for both diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology equipment. 

Total QA is Complete

Total QA replaces  your manual checklists with web based data entry and automated data retrieval from daily and monthly QA devices and databases to match your organization's workflow.

The TG-142 suite of  tests are preconfigured in the system for your convenience but any other QA protocol can be created using Total QA’s comprehensive test customization capabilities.

Total QA features built-in image analysis routines to automate your QA tasks and includes tools to track your data over time and, optionally, compare your results to the average of all users.

Total QA includes a document management system perfect for organizing and maintaining critical materials for accreditation and regulatory review.

Total QA is vendor neutral and does not tie you to a single line of QA products. Total QA connects to a wide variety of commonly available QA devices from multiple vendors.

Total QA is Convenient

Total QA’s cloud based architecture requires no installation and software updates are completely automated.

Total QA’s powerful  template system gets you up and running in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Your data and the state of your organization's quality assurance compliance is visible at all times on any web enabled device.

Total QA’s service model costs you less than many other less-capable products charge for maintenance only.

Your data is safe and secure with Total QA which employs world class security practices and is HIPAA compliant.

Total QA is Accurate

Total QA has been designed from the ground up with a clinical perspective to ensure that the workflow reflects best practices in radiation therapy QA.

Every image processing algorithm and measurement in Total QA has been extensively reviewed and clinically validated to ensure that best in class practices are employed throughout the system.  

The analysis algorithms are clearly explained in the supporting documentation so users can be confident that they understand the science behind the measurements.

Total QA is Insightful

Total QA has been designed by QA thought leaders, engineers and scientists with decades of experience in image processing and radiation therapy QA analysis.

The Total QA system enables you to quickly gain insight into your radiation therapy center’s machine performance and take timely action to prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

The automated image analysis measurements in Total QA have been carefully designed and selected to provide maximum useful and actionable information without overwhelming you.  

We’d be delighted to arrange a full demonstration of Total QA’s capabilities for  you and your team and discuss how Total QA can transform your QA practices.