Improve your test life.


Doing radiotherapy QA is not your most exciting task. It’s become a chore like vacuuming or changing the oil.

We hear ya.


Easily Customizable

Total QA’s extensive customizability make designing QA schedules and protocols to meet your unique combination of procedures and equipment a quick and painless process. For the ultimate in flexibility make use of our complete API to extend Total QA’s capabilities or communicate with other systems.


Completely Automated

Total QA combines your manual QA checklists and spreadsheets with automated retrieval of QA device data and analysis of common radiotherapy CT, kV and MV images. Automated analysis routine results integrate seamlessly with manually entered data to produce comprehensive and coherent QA reports.


Lose the extra weight.


Being tied to bloated systems that require tedious installations and add to your IT overhead is nobody’s idea of efficiency.

We feel ya.


Low Maintenance

Total QA’s cloud-based infrastructure relieves you of the need to manage server updates and backups and provides a safe place to ensure data integrity. Delivering the service through a web browser relieves you of cumbersome hardware and OS requirements.

Painless Updates

Total QA’s updates are pushed automatically with no need to install and license individual workstations. Updates are made on a regular basis on a 4 to 8 week cycle to ensure that improvements are rapidly available to our customers.

Responsive Product Development

Image Owl’s efficient development system and lean management structure ensures that your needs are acted upon in a timely and accurate manner.

Sensible Pricing Structure

Total QA’s pricing includes all updates and technical support. The service model greatly reduces the initial costs. Pricing is based on the amount and type of equipment used on the system with discounts for volume and agreement terms. We won’t tell you that you can’t use a feature because you are out of support!


Take a longer lunch.


You can’t be everywhere, all the time in your multi-site organization. QA requirements stretch from early morning warm up tests to late evening and weekend monthly and annual reports.

We get ya.


Manage From Anywhere

Your QA data is accessible through any web enabled device allowing you to monitor activities results and trends across your organization from wherever you are. Total QA can issue alerts to key personnel for events like measurements exceeding tolerances, overdue schedules, document reviews and impending calibrations.

Clinically Tested

Total QA has been in continuous clinical use at ACR accredited radiotherapy facilities for over 4 years. Our experience in a wide range of settings from large academic institutions to small standalone practices has refined the product to be practical, efficient and accurate for physicists and therapists alike.


Simplify Compliance Records

Total QA allows you to manage documents associated with sites and equipment for regulatory or instructional purposes. Documents may be signed with automated reminders. Digital sign-offs on QA reports make it simple to demonstrate compliance to periodic QA requirements.


Pay for what you need and no more! Total QA service charges are based on the amount of equipment your sites have connected. Preparing new sites and machines for use is a matter of minutes. Total QA makes it simple to copy existing protocols from machine to machine and then individually customize them as needed.