Establishing a robust QA system for a modern radiology practice  as  an asset for process improvement is challenging.

How do I manage QA activities at geographically  dispersed locations?

How do I effectively handle the variety of equipment in my operation? 

How can I make sure that my radiology operations are meeting their accreditation and regulatory QA requirements? 

How can I make my QA system a positive proactive tool for process improvement?


Total QA® for Diagnostic Radiology  provides a convenient system to collect,  manage and track your radiology QA data across multiple sites and a variety of equipment. Total QA transforms your QA program into an engine for process improvement throughout your radiology operations.

A CMMS system for Healthcare Systems Management

Total QA is the first CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) designed specifically for the Healthcare systems management. Our solution provides a comprehensive schedule driven maintenance, regulatory compliance and quality assurance program for both diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology equipment. 

Complete: All The Tools You Need

Total QA includes customizable pre-built templates  to match your workflow. Take advantage of existing  templates including:


Automated analysis of the Catphan® CT phantom. The Catphan® series of phantoms cover a full set of tests to completely characterize your CT system’s performance.

Areas of coverage include:  Sensitometry, Low Contrast, Geometry and Positioning


Record a variety of measurements crucial to angiography QA including:

  • Digital Subtraction Angiography phantom results
  • Resolution
  • Low Contrast Resolution
  • Dynamic Range
  • Tube Voltage and Current
  • Exposure Time
  • Radiation Output
  • Dose-Area Product

Fluoroscopy. Mobile and General X-Ray

  • Dynamic Range
  • Tube charge, current and voltage
  • Radiation Field Location
  • Ceiling Suspension Location
  • Low Contrast Resolution
  • Agfa Log Median Value
  • Distance to Bucky Stand and Table
  • Exposure Time
  • Radiation Output
  • Dose
  • Dose Area Product
  • Exposure Time


Convenient: Simple and Secure

  • Total QA’s powerful  template system gets you up and running in minutes instead of weeks or months.
  • Total QA’s cloud based architecture requires no installation and software updates are completely automated.
  • Your data and the state of your organization's QA  system is visible at all times on any web enabled device.
  • Total QA’s service model is cost effective and matches your current needs.
  • Total QA employs world class security practices and is HIPAA compliant to ensure the safety, security and durability of your data.

Customizable: Build the QA System You Desire

Total QA offers three layers of customizability so that you can build the QA system you want without compromise.

Template Customization: Modify the prebuilt templates or build your own with customized test selection, setup, order and frequency to build customized QA protocols. 


Custom tests: Extend the test selection provided in Total QA with custom tests and protocols to match any data entry need.

Application Programmer’s Interface: Total QA provides an API that lets you control all aspects of the platform  to meet your most demanding  customization needs.

Insight: Use your data to control and improve processes

Total QA has been designed by QA thought leaders, engineers and scientists with decades of experience in image processing and diagnostic radiology QA measurement.

The automated image analysis measurements and data presentation in Total QA have been carefully designed and selected to provide maximum useful and actionable information without overwhelming you.

By providing easy facility oversight, trends and statistical analysis Total QA system enables you to quickly gain insight into your radiology practice’s equipment performance and take timely action to prevent costly or even dangerous situations from occurring.