Manage from anywhere.


Total QA makes oversight and review effortless. Immediately see the status of all QA scheduled throughout your organization. Email alerts let you know if QA becomes overdue or falls outside customized tolerances.


Total QA: Easy and Efficient to Implement and Maintain


Lower Entry Costs

Total QA operates on a service model that does not require a large initial capital investment on the part of your facility. Initial costs to start using Total QA are 10-15% of the costs to get comparable desktop products installed and running.


Low Maintenance Costs

The local footprint of the service is minimal thus reducing time and expense to install software updates. Updates are automatically deployed so that IT personnel do not have to spend valuable time updating and licensing new versions. Image Owl handles database backup, maintenance and updates to further lighten the impact on your IT resources.


Low Hardware Costs

The Total QA service is delivered via web browser and does not need hardware with advanced graphics or calculational abilities thus saving money on expensive hardware upgrades required by many desktop systems.



Add service only when you need it. Adding levels of service can be done anytime your needs change. Add a new site or machine in minutes. If the QA is similar to existing machines simply copy schedules over to the new equipment and fine tune the settings.


Improved Operational Performance

With radiotherapy organizations moving towards a hub and spoke models or becoming integrated into larger multi-site practices, maintaining uniformity of service across the organization becomes a challenge. You don’t want one under-performing facility to derail your whole organization’s accreditation or regulatory position. At the same time you don’t want to saddle your lean organization with burdensome and time-consuming oversight procedures. RT staff are responsible professionals and imposing overly strict controls may be counterproductive.

By standardizing operations into one interface throughout the operation training costs are streamlined and reduced. The web based interface improves the efficiency of communication by instantly relaying critical information to key people throughout the system. In one evaluation of a cloud based machine issue logging system cancellations due to machine down time was reduced 68%.


Streamline Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

Achieving and maintaining accreditation is no longer optional for RT practices. Accreditation is increasingly required for insurance payments and state regulators and to maintain competitiveness. The effort of gathering and maintaining the records and materials for these programs is only exceeded by the potential costs of losing status through mismanagement of key requirements. One of the commonly observed deficiencies resulting in deferment or denial of accreditation is failure to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the wide range of required physics QA programs.

Total QA pulls together all your disparate sources of QA data and make it simple to demonstrate compliance with recommendations and regulations. Additionally, Total QA includes a document management system that makes managing and retrieving the required materials simple and efficient.


Sensible Pricing

Total QA pricing model is a Software as a Service (SaaS). The pricing is based on the number and type of equipment covered by the service. Equipment pricing is related to the complexity of its QA requirements. There are significant discounts for amount of equipment and service agreement length.

We try to keep things simple and our prices are all-inclusive with no add-ons, upgrade or service charges.

This includes:

  • all telephone and email technical support

  • initial setup assistance to get your initial test schedules up and running

  • all upgrades and patches for the system

  • unlimited users

  • unlimited number of QA protocols and schedules

  • all the image processing routines available with the system and new ones as they are developed.

  • connection for your daily QA devices

  • management of documents

  • management of HDR sources

  • access to the API