Build the system you want.


Every imaging and radiation therapy center has a unique combination of QA devices and protocols. Total QA allows you the freedom to setup a machine QA system to match those needs.


Build Customized QA Templates and Schedules

Total QA allows you to build unlimited and unique QA templates and schedules for your imaging and radiotherapy operations.

You can customize one of our pre-built templates or start completely from scratch. Select combinations of available QA tests and order them to match your preferred workflow. Assign templates to your equipment and then customize the scheduling, authorized personnel, and detailed settings. Templates and schedules can easily be copied to new equipment and adapted as needed.

Schedules are presented to users in a clean, easy to navigate user interface producing a comprehensive report combining manual entry, data from devices and image analysis. No more delving into multiple binders to demonstrate regulatory or accreditation compliance.


Total QA has customization built in, right from the beginning.

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Custom Tests

Inevitably your QA requirements will need customized tests. Your implementation of standard QA guidelines will often be unique due to regional differences in regulation, available QA equipment or even language needs.

Total QA’s simple tools for creating suites of customized tests enhance its selection of pre-configured tests. The custom test builder allows you to select from a wide variety of numeric, functional and file attachment types of tests. You can create more sophisticated tests by modifying basic test types with custom child tests and meta-items. These tests can then be combined into custom protocols.

Once created, custom tests are seamlessly integrated with built-in tests to create workflows that match your exact needs.


Total QA API

For even greater ability to customize your QA systems Total QA includes a complete REST API that allows users to retrieve data and system information, upload data and analysis images, create and control templates, schedules and other system settings.

Typical Uses of the Total QA API:

  • Creation of custom reports and statistics from your QA data for regulatory, accreditation or advanced analysis.

  • Many facilities have custom in-house designed analysis routines and analyses whose results and images can be then be uploaded to Total QA reports.

  • Further automation of QA operations can be achieved by scripting repetitive QA tasks such as monitoring folders for new files to upload or creating periodic reports.

  • Image Owl is committed to providing open source tools to make interacting with the API even easier. A complete MATLAB wrapper for the API exists with Python and C# wrappers in development.

Contact us for a demo of common API scenarios or assistance with getting started on your first API project.