Turn Complex to Complete with Total QA

Total QA integrates quality assurance management, measurement, and analysis for healthcare into coherent, customizable and cost-effective solutions.


Total QA.

No Installation. Manage from Anywhere. Totally Customizable.

Total QA:
6 Ways We Improve Your Test Life.


You are a medical physicist, responsible for patient safety and quality assurance.

With all that you do, you don’t need the extra responsibility of dealing with IT infrastructure, computer or software upgrades, and service contracts.

You’ve got enough to do! 




The ability to customize and standardize your tests, and workflows across your site or multiple sites,. 


A single, powerful, QA management system with a minimal footprint and without the need for dedicated hardware, or IT support.


Using all your current QA equipment and not be forced to purchase additional equipment from a particular vendor. 


Managing all your QA, from anywhere, on a single, streamlined dashboard!


Now, imagine the efficiency and time savings you’ll gain; not to mention the sanity you’ll keep.


Sensible and fair pricing that gets you in the game without breaking your budget.


Solutions from Image Owl


Total QA

Total QA provides a platform for managing complete QA systems for multiple equipment types, QA schedules and protocols, and physical sites. Highly customizable and extendable, Total QA provides a comprehensive, powerful QA system adapted to your unique combination of equipment and procedures.

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Integrated Imaging Services

Image Owl’s integrated Imaging Services provide an on demand a-la-carte analyses for users with continuously changing needs. Subscribers choose from available analyses in any combination as they need them.

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Bundled Analyses

Many of the phantoms supplied by our partners at The Phantom Laboratory have specific automated analyses included or available for purchase. These individual analyses can be used on their own or integrated with our wider products.

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