QA Automation: Batteries included.


Total QA’s automated QA image analysis and data collection from QA hardware devices and databases is included at no extra charge.


Image Analysis

Total QA contains the most critical image analysis routines for compliance with TG142 recommendations.

Total QA presents these tests in an automated interface . You simply upload the images to a convenient dropbox in your QA schedule. Total QA’s image analysis routines are designed to run with little or no fiddling with slice selection or analysis parameters as possible.

Total QA identifies and analyzes uploaded images. The results are then automatically inserted into your report. The analysis takes place in the background leaving you free to complete other QA tasks.

Import Data

Daily QA Devices

Total QA automatically retrieves data from common daily QA devices without changing established therapist daily QA workflow. Therapists take daily output and other measurements exactly as they do now. Total QA takes care of the transfer of data from the daily device to the QA report.

For devices that store daily QA data in databases, such as the Sun Nuclear DQA-3 and the Standard Imaging QA BeamChecker Plus, Total QA can pull data into reports integrating it with any other safety and machine checks that you do. For other devices such as Fluke meters Total QA can talk to the device through a serial port or USB connections.

An unobtrusive utility called the Total QA Equipment Hub is installed on your system and connects the data source to the web page. Once configured it reads output and other measurements along with tolerances and baselines, if available, from the device or databases for any available date. The device database can be local to the computer connected to the device or remote at an accessible IP address.



For users that have Standard Imaging PipsPro software, Total QA can import selected test results directly into reports. The Total QA Equipment Hub can be configured to accept data from the SQL database for PipsPro.

Currently Total QA accepts data from PipsPro’s starshot, Winston-Lutz and radiation Light/Field tests.