Do the analyses you want when you want.

As a physicist responsible for diverse imaging equipment at multiple institutions or sites, no two days are alike.

Today you are preparing for ACR accreditation on CT machines. Tomorrow you are doing annual QA on digital breast tomosynthesis devices.

You need a service that helps you keep all these tests and QA checks organized and accessible. Automation is great but you don’t have the budget to invest in multiple pieces of expensive software you can only use on one workstation once or twice a year.


Image Owl’s Integrated Imaging Service provides an a-la-carte service providing you access to the image analyses you need and no more.

  • Simple subscription plans let you perform a set number of analyses of your choice per month.

  • TQA’s cloud-based service is accessible from any web-enabled device.

  • Create machines and test schedules for your equipment.

  • Standardize the schedules across multiple machines or customize settings and tolerances as needed for different environments.


Performing a test could not be simpler.

  • Simply drag and drop the images into the test page.

  • The Image Owl Integrated Imaging Service recognizes the images, performs the appropriate analysis, and prepares a report with the tests you select.

  • If test values fall outside your designated warning or failure limits you can be automatically alerted wherever you are.